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1 Muller, Denis Joseph Andrew
Date Range: 1948 -

Between 1984 and 1993, while employed as an executive journalist with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers, Denis Muller had significant invovement with regard to the management, writing and publication of the Saulwick Age Poll and Herald Survey.

Muller was the founder of research consultancy Denis Muller and Associates, and a co-founder and principal partner of Saulwick Muller Social Research. He collaborated with Irving Saulwick on numerous research projects throughout his career, and was the literary executor of Irving Saulwick's estate.

2 Saulwick, Irving David
Date Range: 25 April 1930 - 1 August 2012

A leading figure in the field of Australian political and social opinion polling, Irving Saulwick ran a succession of market research and consultancy companies from the 1960s to the 2000s.

In 1971, Saulwick was responsible for establishing the Age ASRB Poll (later known as the Saulwick Age Poll) in association with The Age newspaper and the Political Science Department of The University of Melbourne. Findings of the surveys were published regularly by The Age until 1994, and ad hoc polls continued to be commissioned by the newspaper after this date. Saulwick Age Polls canvassed public opinion toward a wide range of social issues, political events, and cultural perceptions.

In addition to the long-running Age Poll survey, Irving Saulwick carried out specialised research studies for clients in the public and private sectors, utilizing both quantitative and qualitative survey methodologies. The legacy of his work is an enduring record of the attitudes of Australians toward key issues and events that marked their social landscape during the last decades of the twentieth century.

3 Goot, Murray

One of Australia's leading academic analysts of public opinion, Professor Murray Goot authored or co-authored over 100 book chapters, contributions to reference works, and articles in national and international journals on public opinion and voting behaviour, Australian politics and political parties, and the politics of the media.

Goot was a chief investigator on the ARC-LIEF funded project to establish the Saulwick Archives resource. At the time of the project, he was an Australian Research Council Australian Professorial Fellow and Professor in the Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations at Macquarie University in New South Wales.

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